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The big challenge:
 For some time now I've been playing silver under a 'reduced healing' ruleset. This playstyle is designed to make the game a greater challenge.

The rules of the challenge are as follows:
1. No regaining health in any way. - The only exception to this is Levelups after defeating certain bosses, which are allowed because they are not optional. All other forms of healing are dissallowed. This includes food, healing potions, healing magic (orb), the healing fountain near david's house, and the amulet of lycanthropy.

2. No using characters other than david.
- Basically, there's no way to stop them being there, and they will get healed whenever you levellup, so just don't use them. Never click on them, never use the numbers to select them, never press tilde or draw a box to select them as a group. You can't even take the bow off sekune since it would involve selecting her. In short, the only thing characters other than david will be doing is standing in a room's entrance getting hit.
That said, it *is* permissable to have a party of all 3 characters rather than the compulsory 2. They still won't do anything but stand around, of course, but you're welcome to have 2 friends getting in the way instead of 1. Whether you use 2 or 3 characters is very much a matter of style - the distraction your allies provide can be as much a curse as a blessing, so it's up to the individual to decide which areas of the game they will take a smaller party to.

3. No talking to the chronicler.
- Speaks for itself, really. Without talking to the chronicler, you can't save your game. Saving so that you can continue playing at a later time is discouraged, but acceptable. Saving before fighting silver is acceptable and encouraged - given the chroniclers floating around all over the map, it's proof that you did indeed play without saving.

When played under this challenge, the game becomes a sort of 'course' through 'stages' between each chance to regenerate health (when a boss is defeated). While some of these sections are relatively easy (such as the quest through to the fire tree, or the quest to get the light orb), others can be incredibly challenging (deadgate & the dig, for example).
Since silver is a rather easy adventure game, it took this challenge to force me into learning the game in a more detailed way, and the difficulty that came with it helped me discover just what are the best techniques for playing the game effectively.
If you've enjoyed silver in the past, I can't encourage you enough to try this challenge - it really opens up a new level of enjoyment for the game. While losing healing takes some options out of the game, it forces you to use just about everything else to have a chance of success, and ends up encouraging a far more versatile playstyle.


More difficulty!
While doing this challenge is very difficult, it is quite possible. If you manage to complete it and want even more of a challenge, there's a simple way to implement higher difficulty. Just change david for another character, chosen from the list below, as soon as the change becomes possible:

Difficulty Character
1 David
2 Vivienne
3 Cagen
4 Ciarro  
5 Sekune
6 Jug

Jug is an awesome character, having more health and dealing far more damage than the rest. The reason the challenge is so hard with jug, however, is because getting him 'as soon as possible' means doing the game out of order - instead of doing winter, you must tackle the area behind David's house right after rain, on the same health bar. After getting the rain key, you must then go back to rain to get to the tavern, still on that health bar. Furthermore, while Jug is strong, it takes him a long, long time before he gets the 60 mana necessary for casting the area-freeze magic of Ice 2, meaning he has to fight many active opponents while other characters can freeze them at a much earlier stage. Even late in the game, he never surpasses 100 mana, and therefor never gets access to level 3 magic spells, and never becomes capable of casting more than a single Ice 2 self on one mana bar. As a final downpoint, his weapon speciality is the hammer - while other characters get good weapons to specialise in like the dual swords or bastard sword.
Vivienne, on the other hand, allows the player to get a full-health boost (due to the character change) in between the first mission into rain and the Ice warlord. Vivienne is quite a competitive character, being slightly weaker than david, but able to use the very safe bastard sword to much greater effect.
I must say, though, that even with Vivienne I've not managed to complete the challenge so far - it's really hard with a character besides David.
For even more difficulty, try the above challenge with the following extra rules:

7. No swords
This challenge comes in at the first axe obtained (winter). From then on, no swords of any type should be used. This makes lunge-dodge combat a lot less safe, and thus makes combat more dangerous. It's still possible, but much harder.

8. No Ice 2 magic
This makes the later stages of the game considerably more difficult. I've managed to complete the game this way *using* save points, and only died 6 times, so it's probably a realistic goal to try this without savegames, given practice.

9. No potions
Not being able to use potions, particularly absolute protection and chaos potions, would make later stages of the game awfully hard to complete. I've not tried this one yet, but I'd imagine it would be very hard.

10. No invisibility
I have tried this, but I couldn't win with it even with savegames. I imagine it wont be completed no matter how much practice is done, but of course it is theoretically possible.

Other challenges:
Other challenge games that, in my experience, are less fun than the above, but that can also be a refreshing and challenging way to play silver, include:

- No deaths
If a single character dies, restart the game.
This is a challenge because of the amount you have to keep track of, trying to keep 3 characters alive simultaneously. It's not that hard when you get used to it, but can be challenging at first, and certainly brings a new dynamic to the game. Obviously you have to lose control of 2 characters while fighting draco, and two characters have to die when you fight fuge, so during these fights losing other characters is acceptable.

- Just short sword
No using magic weapons or orbs unless they are required to defeat a boss (such as the ice wand against the succubus), and no using any weapon other than short swords. This challenge gets incredibly tedious and I wouldn't advise trying it

- Speedrun
Silver lends itself moderately well to speedrunning. There aren't really many areas that can be skipped, but combat becomes furious when you're against the clock!

- Speadgear
This is one of the more fun ways of playing the game. Download 'speedgear', a program availabe as shareware that speeds up or slows down applications. Use it to accelerate silver to the max speed you can manage, then enjoy the manic fighting that ensues. You'll find you have to go back to normal speed for the bell in rain, but besides that, the whole game can be played at high-speed for much enjoyment!