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Most of the characters in silver have some form of major disadvantage. The only characters with no real weakness are David and Vivienne, all the others are disadvantaged in one way of another.
If a weapon is listed in the 'speciality' section this is *not* just the weapon that the character does the most damage with. In fact, certain characters have massive damage bonuses with certain melee weapons, most notably David's dual knightly swords.

The characters, in order of their effectivity:

david 10
Vivienne 8
Ciarro 7
Sekune 6
Cagen 5
Jug 4

detailed description:

David :

Health: Good
Magic: Average
Damage: Above average
Speciality: Dual Swords
Weakness: None
Rating: 10
David is competent in all areas. Furthermore, his speciality lends itself to absolutely devastating double-lunges and specials once the dual swords are obtained. The most powerful well-rounded character.

Sekune :

Health: Poor
Magic: Below average
Damage: Poor
Speciality: Ranged attacks
Weakness: hitpoints and damage
Rating: 6
Sekune is designed to fight with ranged weapons. Ranged weapons have many uses, but overall are the weakest form of attack in the game, due to their common similarity of not knocking opponents back when they hit. With sekune, however, the long bow is absolutely devastating - her ranged ability is more than twice that of any other characters, so high, in fact, that she usually does more damage with a long bow than with critical damage spells. Wanna kill that Ice yeti? Forget fire magic - just shoot the bow!
Playing with sekune lends itself to a radically different style, but once once a player gets used to coping with her fragility by using the massive damage her bow inflicts, she becomes quite a viable choice.

Vivienne :

Health: Average
Magic: Below Average
Damage: Average
Speciality: Bastard sword
Weakness: None
Rating: 8
Vivienne functions a lot like david, albeit slightly weaker in all areas besides ranged combat. The major difference, however, becomes apparent later in the game. Vivienne's speciality is the bastard sword, and as such she is able to utilise shield blocking more effectively later in the game. She also has a longer range, and therefor safer, weapon. Furthermore, the bastard sword in vivienne's hands is actually more powerful than any other melee weapon in the game, giving vivienne awesome special attacks. Her disadvantage is that she can't use the dual swords to maximize invisibility time like David can.

Jug :

Health: Excellent
Magic: Very poor
Damage: Excellent
Speciality: Hammer
Weakness: Magic
Rating: 4
Jug has massive amounts of hitpoints, and even more damage with his melee attacks. At first glance he seems like an incredible character, but there are significant weaknesses:
First of all, his magic is really bad. It's really not even half as good as the next worst character. He doesn't get the mana to cast Ice 2 self until considerably late in the game (the dig), and this hurts him as a character greatly.
Second, his speciality is the warhammer. Combined with his massive strength, this is incredible for clearing glass's palace, but it's soon made redundant once the bastard sword is obtained, which leaves him using weapons he has no speciality in in the late game. Without a speciality, his strength keeps his damage on par with David and Vivienne, but of course he has the massive magic disadvantage, and only more health to see him through.

Cagen :

Health: Above average
Magic: Average
Damage: Below Average
Speciality: Hand to hand
Weakness: Backflip instead of dodge
Rating: 5
A well-rounded character, Cagen would be a good contender were it not for his dodge. Hand to hand attacks have such a poor range that Cagen is even more likely to be hit than Jug if he sues them, which forces Cagen to forgo his speciality in favour of a bastard sword.
Worst of all though, Cagen's dodge is a large backflip instead of a quick hop backwards. While this can have it's advantages, it removes his ability to use the safest 1v1 fighting technique in the game - lunge-dodge. As such, cagen suffers when in every melee fight.
His magic is something of a saving grace, but even with it Cagen is a rather underpowered character.

Ciarro :

Health: Poor
Magic: Excellent
Damage: Poor
Speciality: Magic
Weakness: hitpoints and damage
Rating: 7
Ciarro is the spellcasting specialist character in the game. He has enough mana and regeneration to use magic as a primary method of attack for much of the game, and as such when he does break out the melee weapons they are against weakened opponents. He is the only character capable of casting the most expensive spell (light self) more than once without regenerating. Since he has no particular weapon speciality, and since he's usually weakened his foes with magic, the bastard sword + shield is generally his best melee choice, and he's very weak with it, so magic is indeed the best way to play him.