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-= The bad news:=-
Silver can be an incredibly temperemetal game to get to work in windows xp. From discussions in forums, it seems that most players can't get it to work in windows XP despite a considerable amount of effort. Those that get the application to start often require further fixes to get certain areas of the game to work, and even then the map gained after the oracle tends to gaurantee a crash, so a savegame is needed. My personal experience with windows XP was a failure to get it working. This was after trying just about every fix availabe, including, but not limited, to:
nvidia patch
sewers patch
rain patch
turning off sound acceleration
turning off sound completely
turning down graphics acceleration
turning off graphics acceleration completely
using cpukiller to slow processor
Running silver via a shortcut with compatibility mode switched on.
using 3danalyser with many sets of advised options, to run silver
installing the windows 98 emulator provided by microsoft (runs incredibly slowly, and still crashes)

-= The good news =-

Players that aren't using windows XP rarely report any problems whatsoever after using the official nvidia patch for the game. Even the new windows vista runs silver perfectly with this patch, and nothing else is required to enjoy the full silver experience.

-= Nvidia patch for silver =-
This patch was designed for geforce cards, but it works for all nvidia graphics cards. Without this patch running silver.exe will produce no results at all (besides an egg-timer next to your cursor for a few seconds). Essential to play silver with modern PCs.

-= New controls =-
This is a file created with the use of 'autohotkey'. I created it myself, so I can vouch for it's safety when downloaded from this site. When executed, the file will add a small icon in the systray, indicating that it is in 'passive mode'.
The program will detect when silver is run, and when it is, certain keys of the user's keyboard will be changed:
s, d, f, g : These keys will function the same as the usual 7, 8, 9 and 0 keys, allowing you to switch quickly between your last-used melee weapon, magic, ranged weapon and shield.
w, e, r, t : These keys all function the same as the 'a' key in silver - they cause your character to cast the currently armed magic on themselves. Having many keys assigned to area magic ensures that a user has less chance of missing the correct key in those important moments.
Spacebar : Spacebar will function the same as the ctrl key normally does, allowing you to use space to perform combat moves. This is just easier on the thumb muscles.
v : The v key functions as an autofire button. This can be useful for skipping dialogue, running around levels, and generally saving your left mouse button a lot of wear and tear.
F10 : Pressing F10 toggles the 'new keys' on or off while playing silver. This is only really needed if you like to type out names for your savegame files. Since the program automatically suspends itself while silver is not running, the F10 key is rarely needed, but included for convenience.
] : The right square bracket will turn on an automatic rapidfire for the mouse. This is of use when you have a large amount of dialogue to skip, and want to be able to use your hands for other things while you wait.
[ : The left square bracket turns automatic rapidfire off.

-= Videos =-

I've taken the time to record the whole of the game, silver, being played. I made sure the videos featured a good show of all the tricks and techniques at my disposal, and watching these should serve as a good introduction to silver 'challenge gaming'. I hope you enjoy the following links.

There are two options for watching the videos recorded for this site. The first is to watch low-quality streaming video via you tube:

You tube link

The second option is to direct-download high-quality versions of the video files:

Download videos