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Magic Items:

The magic items, in order of their effectivity:

ring of invisibility 10
amulet of seeing 7
ring of spell resistance 6
lightning staff 5
ice wand 4
firebrand 3
summon golem 2
amulet of lycanthropy 1

detailed description:

Magic Items:

Ice wand:

Damage: 8
Range: large
Designed to: fight
Rating: 4
The first magical item david obtains. The ice wand is incredibly useful in a number of areas, the caves below gno, rain, and the crater. It's also used any time that enemy archers have range on you. A good lunge reach rounds this weapon off as one of the best combat magic items.
The disadvantage, however, is that the ice bolts that the wand fires do not home in, making it nearly useless for hitting moving targets.
To get the most use out of the ice wand, it's worth learning the timing behind animation cancelling, because this can allow you to fire your ice wand without using up any charge, giving you effectively infinite ammo, albeit with a slower firing rate.


Damage: 14
Range: meduim
Designed to: fight
Rating: 3
A decent weapon, useful for winter and glass's palace, as well as the treemen behind david's house. Unfortunately you never get to use it before you have the fire orb, but since there are so many enemies in the first half of the game that are weak to fire, it's nice to have a weapon to switch to when you run out of mana. Some of the time I don't actually bother buying it, but it can be useful if bought early, particularly if you master animation cancelling for infinite shots.

Lightning staff :

Damage: 24
Range: meduim
Designed to: fight
Rating: 5
While this is a *very* poor substitute for lightning 1, it does have it's advantages. Essentially you're giving up the incredibly useful spinning orbs from lightning 1 self, and losing the ability to stunlock enemies until they die (the staff can only fire 4 shots at the firing rate needed to stunlock enemies). For that, you gain the abilty to hold a shield with the lightning (which can be helpful against ranged opponents), the ability to fire an infinite number of lightning bolts (albeit at a slow rate of fire, through animation cancelling), and the ability to use melee attacks should opponents get too close (a weak and very poor substitute for the automatic defense the orbs give you). The staff is used primarily for killing enemy archers while not leaving yourself defenseless if melee enemies get close. Probably the best combat magic item, but still not spectacular.

Amulet of seeing:

Damage: -
Range: screen
Designed to: find chests
Rating: 7
Good for treasure hunting, which is very important in the healing difficulty challenge. Most hidden chests give out potions, and while healing options are not allowed, the other varieties are very useful.
The reason this is rated so high, despite it's rare use, is because it gives the player access to a wealth of potions just before the game steps up in difficulty. While gold would buy many of these potions, absolute protection potions, chaos potions, and bombs are not before the duke has been rescued.
This is important because the sewers have a very difficult room that a chaos potion is almost necessary for, the rest of the sewers are made considerably easier with bombs, the fight against Kahn in the prison barracks is pretty much skipped completely with a chaos potion, and most importantly, the fight against Fuge is far more practical when you use your 3 absolute protection potions.
Because the raid on chains would be so much more unimaginately difficult without this batch of potions that money can't buy, I'd rate the amulet of seeing as one of the best magic items available - it really makes the game a lot easier, despite it's brief window of use.

amulet of lycanthropy:

Damage: -
Range: self
Designed to: get busy with claws
Rating: 1
This hilarious and fun little item is not allowed in the healing challenge, unfortunately, so I've not had much of a chance to review it's competitive use. I can say that it makes david's lunge exceptionally powerful, but unfortunately losing magic and specials is too high a price to pay for the powerful melee attacks of the werewolf.

Summon golem:

Damage: -
Range: adjecent
Designed to: Summon a friend
Rating: 2
While the summoned golem is a powerful ally, the fact that most bosses insta-kill it limits it's use somewhat. Still, alternated or combined with the ring of invisibility, this is a good answer to any particularly hectic rooms. Beware that while you are invisible enemies will attack your golem as they would your teammates, meaning you need to be wary of stray shots. Also take care not to fire too many ranged attacks at brawls involving the golem - unlike teammates or grandad, the golem can be hit and killed by your attacks.
The main trick of the summon golem scroll, however, is remembering to use it!

Ring of spell resistance:

Damage: -
Range: self
Designed to: protect from magic
Rating: 6
An awesome ring - make sure not to miss it! Useful in the dig, against the lady of light, and in silver's palace against the casters. With no half-measures, this ring provides 100% spell immunity, and lasts a very comfortable length of time before running out.

Ring of invisibility:

Damage: -
Range: self
Designed to: make user invisible
Rating: 10
The one true ring! The best magic item in the game, without even close competition. The ring of invisibility might as well be a ring of invulnerability, because your chances of getting hurt while wearing it are very slim. If your allies are dead then there's even less chance of harm, because enemies will not be performing any attacks. Make absolutely sure not to miss this - it's found at the end of the prison barracks, just before venturing into chains.
This ring gives you pretty much free reign, there aren't that many screens in the game that can't be cleared in the time it takes for your invisibility to wear out. Luckily, some of the later rooms in the game are so hard, that the game remains fun even after finding this gem. It will become your bread and butter from the moment you find it until the very end. Beware of running low on charge though - it's best to use the ring only to eliminate those opponents that would cause you to lose health in a fight, then turn it off to save charge for the next area. Also beware of accidentally un-equipping it: David can only use 1 piece of jewelry at a time.