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While silver has an almost unhead of level of presentation as far as PC games go, it's not without it's little odities when scrutinised. In this section I'll deal with oddities in the way the game plays that can be observed, and even used to the player's advantage:

Animation Interruption
Hinted on in the 'melee fighting' section, silver features a frequent ability to interrupt an animation before it is completed. Likely this is by design, to help make the game feel more fluid and responsive, but it can be used to advantage in many ways... For example:
Double-hit - Melee weapons can strike twice in quick succession by interruption the second half of a 'slash' animation with a chop
Arrow/mana save - When you see that your target just died, but your character has started pulling their bow back anyway, just interrupt the shooting animation with a dodge to save the arrow.
Lunge/dodge - Probably the most common combat tactic in the game, lunge/dodge itself relies on animation cancelling to work so well.

Not entering a room
This little quirk can be used quite abusively. On most screens, the area fades in while your characters run on from one of the sides. On many of these screens, pressing a hotkey to change weapons (7890) will make your character stop running before they get into the play area. Being out of the play area, enemies can't reach you to attack you, and you can shoot them with ranged attacks without fear of retaliation.

Multiple rain keys:
If you get the key to rain from the mayor, leave towards the fire tree area, but then use the map before reaching the fire boss and use the key, then often the mayor will have reappeared when you get back, getting you a second key to rain

0 health
Silver has an odd was of handling characters that die. When reduced to 0 health, characters are knocked out, and then automatically get back up when the fighting stops, albeit on 0 health.
Next time they're in a fight, they will fight fine on 0 health, but if they cast a spell they die.
This can be highly significant when playing certain challenge games (namely using different characters in a 'no healing' challenge... 2 of the games bosses force you to use David, and in this challenge you'll be using a 0 health David, meaning there's no casting spells either!

- Infinite charge magic weapons -
It 's possible (and somewhat simple) to attack with a magic weapon without using up any of the charge in the item. This is because the charge for the weapon is reduced after a shot-firing attack is finished. To save the charge, you can simply interrupt the attack animation with a dodge, after the shot is released, but before the animation is finished.
The timing to perform this is relatively simple.
Note - when I first discovered this I thought it was an incredibly abusive trick. However, on further examination, I found that I was rarely using magic weapons because of the superior damage of melee weapons, not to mention their ability to perform specials. This trick soon evened the score a little, and while I still found normal weapons to be more useful, getting infinite charge on magic weapons gives them a niche in which they can be more advantageous than melee weapons in a broader range of situations than they normally occupy.

- Double-casting -
Double casting is an interesting quirk involving the silver engine. In silver, 1 ranged attack can be 'queued', to attack after the current one is finished. You can observe this simply by double-clicking on a target while equipped with the catapult - you'll notice that david takes two full shots.
The double-casting glitch involves this. You double-click an opponent, but then the *second* the shot leaves your hands, you can left click *once* elsewhere on the screen to initiate a walk command. The walk cancels the casting animation so that your character doesn't have to bring their hands back after the cast. However, since you had a second attack queued, this will instantly interrupt the walk that you'd ordered, casting another spell.
So, in summary, that's:
1. double-click an opponent when armed with a ranged weapon
2. single-click left mouse anywhere else on the screen as soon as the first shot leaves your hands.
The effect of this is two ranged attacks cast in about the same frame of time that you could normally perform one in. The first of these attacks has already been cancelled by virtue of the double-cast mechanism (important for 'infinite charge' glitch, above), and the second can be cancelled too, allowing you to double-cast with magic weapons without using any charge at all.
This trick *does* start to throw the game balance out a little, double damage, infinite charge magic items start making magical weapons significantly more useful than most ranged weapons, and free of ammo costs. It also makes casting spells less significant. That said, it's nearly necessary for those players who are looking to finish the game under the challenge rules with the weaker characters (particularly Jug).

Rothschild brandy Lockup
This can be a nasty one. If David talks to the barman about the Rothschild brandy too quickly, and manages to try the back door before the doorman gets there, then the doorman will become available for dialogue again, and talking to him will have him function as though he has told you to get out. This makes further progress in the game impossible, so don't be in too much of a hurry when you get to this part of the game!

Potion invulnerability
A pretty simple and basic one - every potion in the game functions as a short invulnerability potion for the time in which your character is chugging it. This can be useful if you expect to be hit by a completely unavoidable and highly damaging attack, such as a short-ranged berserker, an icicle storm, or a homing mine from the bull robot.

Infinite speedup
A very simple one here: If you save the game while under the effects of time magic cast on yourself, loading that game will give you the speedup indefinitely.

Glaive recall
It's possible to recall the glaive before it has a chance to fly around the screen attacking targets that you didn't want it to. Any weapon switching will recall your glaive wherever it is, this includes switching specials. This means if there is more than 1 opponent on the screen, but you just want to fight a single target with your glaive, you can throw the glaive, then when it hits your clicked target, select a special, then immediately throw another glaive at the same target. You'll never achieve the attack speed of the fire bow, but since the glaive knocks it's targets back, you'll be able to defend yourself well with it.