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Now, on to the walkthrough:

Level 1:

David's house -> library:
let the soldiers come across any problem areas like stairs or the bridge. Try to get seperated from grandad as much as possible, as it will mean you can predict the behaviour of enemy guards, something that grandad will only disrupt.

Library -> Grandad's death
Make liberal use of the rear spinning attack. This is your only effective attack against airborne opponents.
Pay special attention to the imp with the horn on top of the bookcase, killing him as quickly as possible before he summons more friends. The two jesters that you encounter should be killed before anything else on the screen.
when you fight the red goblins (with a sword and shield) be prepared to block instead of dodging, if they start to perform a special. After you block their special, hold the attack button to counter-attack with web of death.
When you get to the yellow imp, you should ideally start and finish the fight while still on your green health bar. Big yellow imp :

Attack: Melee
Health: low
Special: Stomp, big chop
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: While relaxing after big chop
Danger: 2
This giant imp is easily dispatched by simply keeping a distance while he stomps, the running a ring around him while he does his big chop. After his chop misses, simply slash 2-3 times, then get away again in time for his stomp.

After grandad's death -> caves under library:
The most difficult part here is a large room that you enter at the top of the screen. You are standing at the top of a staircase and an imp to the left of the screen immediattely shoots you with a catapult.
To clear this room, run down to the botton-left corner, shoot the catapult imp with your own actapult, then dispatch all the imps without leaving the bottom-left corner. After they are dead the 2 goblins to the right should be standing still. Lure one of them with the catapult, then quickly change weapons to the ice wand and shoot him as he approaches. Now lure the second one, and kill him with the short sword (using lunges, blocking, and web of death.

Caves under library -> incubus
Save your ice wand's power and just use the ice wand lunge attack. The hard part here is the room with 4 mud golems and a jester that resurrects them. The key is that when golems are resurrected, they still have low health, and can be killed with a lunge or two. The catch is that when the jester dies all golems will come back to life.
To win this fight, you have to use the power in the ice wand to damage the golems, then finish them with lunges. Ignore the jester for now. Focus on knocking all the golems down, and just take chance swings at the imp as you see fit. Safety and golem killing is the key!
After a massively long and dangerous fight, you'll eventually manage to get the imp with enough swings to kill him. All the golems will become resurrected, but since you killed them all at least once, they'll be on low health. Use the power in the ice wand to shoot them to death. Make sure to get the chaos potion from dr bazuki on the right - this is the only chaos potion you'll find for a long time. When you get to the room where 2 mud golems immediattely attack you upon entering the top of a big staircase, run right past them, down the stairs, right past the next 2 golems, and to the bottom of the screen. You can do this easily without getting hit. From the bottom of the screen, kill all the golems.

Incubus :

Attack: Ranged
Health: average
Special: summons imps
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: While relaxing after summoning
Danger: 2
The incubus is easily beaten by hiding behind the central rock in his room and waiting for him to summon imps. When he summons, pop out and zap him with the ice wand, then retreat behind the rock and kill the imps he summoned.

Level 2:

Rain 1
Very difficult part here. I've provided a map, with the safest route arrowed:

Upper Rain map

                                              /                                      \                  
                                              |          __________            _ bridge _________ hide  
                     to         #######       |         /          \          /     top          street 
  ##########   ____ Inner _____# LOWER #      |         |          |          |                    |    
 # ENTRANCE # /     city       #  RAIN #      \         /       bottom       top                   |    
  ##########  |                 #######        \       /      _crossroads __ crossroads___         |    
       \___Junction                             \     /      /     |          |           \        |    
             with                                \   /       |   hidden     Hag           |        |    
           lanterns                              Bridge      |   chest      park          |        |    
              |    \         ___alley______      street      |                            |        |    
              |     dead    /      ___     \        |        |                            |        |    
              |      end    \     /   \    |        |        |         OTHIAS'            |        |    
              |            YJunction   \   /        |      knife        TOWER             |        |    
              |                 |  Dogjunction    alley    alley         |   \            |        |    
              \_________________/       |           |        |           |    \           |        |    
                                        \___________/        |           |     |          |        |    
                                             ______          |           |    dog         |        |    
                                            /      \         |           |   plaza        |        |    
                                       ########    |         |           |     |          |        |    
                                      # SPIRES #  bell       |          tree   \__________/        |    
                                       ########    |         |          park                       |    
                                                   \_________/            \________________________/    

The best route to follow is:
Junction with lanterns,
Bridge Street,
Bridge top,
Top crossroads,
Hag park,
Top crossroads,
dog plaza,
Othias' tower,
This route will get the teddy and bring you to othias' tower, while avoiding as many of the nastier areas of rain as possible.

the problem areas you will be going through are:
- junction with lanterns
This can be completed by making sure sekune enters before david (click to exit the first screen, then switch weapons. David will stop, sekune will continue). As soon as you enter use the ice wand to kill the bottom thugs. Then fight the top thug 1v1.
- entering Y junction
This room features 3 melee opponents, who are quickly supported by 2 archers. Try to kill the melee fighters quickly using ice bolts and a web of death, the switch to the catapult to kill the archers.
- The alley after the 3-way junction
In the alley, be ready with the broad sword and shield, 4 guards will be attacking you, 2 from the top, 2 from behind you. Run up to the top 2 guards and block once you get next to them. Then use the web of death when they start hitting your shield. Follow this web with slashes until they both die, speed being important, then quickly turn around to fight the guys coming up behind you.
- 'Stair street'
The key here is completely ignoring the guy at the top of the stairs, and dealing with the thugs and dogs at the bottom before proceeding to kill him. Try to get sekune killed here, and change to her bow to kill this last thug. That way, you keep her bow and she gets back up with the piddly catapult.
- top junction.
If you enter via the top route, you will be able to use the bow to snipe the archers here. Save a good bit of ammo, and switch to the ice wand as soon as you think you can manage a charge from the thugs that are left.
- Hag square
This is what you were saving your arrows for. There are too many guards to get away with melee here. If you tell david to run near Edith while guards are still around her, many more guards will arrive from the left, so the best tactic is killing the guards quickly without moving from the entrance point. Settle it using the bow at range, changing to catapult when you run out of ammo, and finish them as quickly as possible.

Winter 1
After doing rain you will have a chance to talk to the oracle. You're then given a map. Be sure to talk to Dr bazuki before you leave - he will give you a free poison gas potion, which might come in useful later.
Go back to othias' tower, get the fire orb, then go to the map, select the barracks, buy arrows. Back to the map, and back to the oracle. Now head south to brave winter. This is difficult because you'll be on the health you left rain on. If you've got no yellow health left things could get tricky. If you're out of orange too, you're in some real trouble.
Don't by any means head up to the top of winter. Go straight to the ice caves.
The hard parts here are dealing with the first room of the ice cave, the second room of the ice cave, and the boss.
- First room of the ice cave:
Yetis will attack you 2-at-a-time. kill one with fire magic, fight the other with a short sword. 3 more yetis will appear one after the other. Kill 2 of them with fire magic, kill the third with the broad sword. Now wait until winged beast flies on from the cave entrance. Kill this winged beast with the catapult.
- Second room
Switch to the bow and don't let go of it until the two little vikings are dead. If you were quick enough, and didn't move in this room, the rest of the enemies in the room won't appear and you can leave.
If this trick didn't work, kill a yeti with fire, another with sword, another with fire, and the 4th with sword. When the ice demons appear, switch straight to fire magic and kill them - it's the safest way.
- Boss' cavern
When entering the boss' cavern, click on the little patch of flat ground to the right of the staircase. Don't keep clicking, just give the one run order when you enter.
3 yetis will appear. David will run around them if you leave him alone completely (he'll get a little stuck, but eventually muscle his way through, and the yetis will not attack while david dances about). Once you get to the far right of this flat patch, use fire on a yeti, then kill the other with your sword. Switch to the bow and kill the yeti that is fighting sekune at the top of the stairs.
Now for the ice warlord - one of the hardest parts of the challenge!

Ice Warlord :

Attack: Ranged+melee
Health: High
Special: stomp, Ice bolt, summon ice demons, icicle rain
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: Fire
Danger: 10
Probably the hardest boss in the game. There are many techniques to beat the ice warlord, but the safest takes advantage of the fact that he only summons ice demons if you run low on mana:
- Before the fight make sure you are on full mana.
- At the start of the fight start dodging his ice bolts. Shoot him with a single fire magic whenever you have *full* mana. Otherwise, shoot him with the bow 4 times before dodging the next ice bolt. - Once he's on low yellow health he will come down to meet you, and stop firing ice bolts.
- Close in on him, then use lunges and dodges to keep him at your maximum sword distance. Be sure to dodge twice when he stomps on the floor. Due to the viking's slow walking speed, if you just use lunge/dodge your lunges will start to miss from being at long-range, which can be dangerous if he decided to stomp on the floor. You can avoid this problem by running towards him for a split-second after each dodge, to close the ground.
- When he is on red health (not orange with red background, red with black background) switch to fire magic and pound him until he runs out of health. He will sometimes die at this stage.
- If he did not die when you reduced him to 0 health, beware, you're in trouble! He will walk toward the middle of the screen, and will not die just yet. He will wait to perform the last attack he was planning, until you come close to him. Then he will perform his last attack (usually a stomp or summoning ice demons). After this attack, he will quickly walk directly to your position, laugh, and unleash an icicle spell that deals about 75 damage per hit, raining icicles from the top of the cavern. This damage is usually enough to kill you in one. It's very hard to survive this, the best way is to run up to him then drink a potion - the drinking invulnerability will let you survive the spell.

Level 3:

Detour then fire tree.

The next area is quite easy now that you have the increased mana and health of your levelup. Since it's easy, it's worth risking a detour behind the rebel camp to get a long bow. This detour is easily acheived without being hit simply by using fire magic on the bears, ranged weaopns (throwing knives are best) against the bees, and a combination of broad sword/ice wand/fire magic on the soldiers.

The hardest part, undoubtedly, is the part where a bear jumps out on you from behind the crate that the long bow is kept in. Shielding doesn't help because of the bear's unpredictable angle of a attack, and dodging can end up getting you hit too. The best way to avoid being damaged here is via the reaper special, whose invulnerability will allow you to knock the bear away to a safe distance without it hitting you.
After you have the long bow, go to the barracks and re-stock on arrows. Then proceed to david's house. Green goblins are easily killed without wasting mana, particularly with a bridge to help. Behind the house, you get to a screen where goblins run up a path toward you. By leading them with the long bow, you can kill both waves without trouble.
Now things get nasty - tree monsters start appearing! Change to fire magic and kill the tree monsters with 3 shots each. If you get surrounded, cast fire 1 on yourself (easier with the A key) and change to the broad sword, then block and counter with reaper.

Next you go up the path to the north, kill the bees with ranged weapons, kill the bears with fire magic, then head east to vivienne's house.
Kill the dogs at her house with fire magic or block->web->lunge. After getting vivienne, head west until you get to the clearing with the mayor and his retinue huddled around a fire.
Once you enter this screen, click the exit on the left. Your party will run to the exit. Change david's weapon to the bow and he will stop running. Once sekune and vivienne are close to the mayor, tell david to move a few steps. Vivienne and sekune will stop. The mayor's guard will attack them, and you can take pot shots at them with the bow or magic until they run away. Alternatively, a single fire 1 self, cast while standing in the middle of the guards, will cause enough damage to scare them into running away immediately.
When you get to the armour crater, switch to the ice wand, and get tucked into a corner behind your shield. Hold your shield up, and whenever it's safe, pop out a shot from your ice wand. Once you're out of charge for the ice wand switch to ice magic and start running around. Only 1 of the ice demons will be aiming for you if vivienne and sekune are still alive, so keep an eye on that single demon and you should have an easy job of avoiding damage. Before long you should have the screen cleared.

Fire demon :

Attack: Ranged
Health: average
Special: summons fire demons
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: Ice
Danger: 5
A lot of caution and patience is your best weapon here. Make sure you hide often, and never risk more than 1 shot before you start moving again.
When he summons lesser fire demons, kill them with the ice wand, and pick up their mana orbs to use against the boss.

Level 4:

Rain tavern Open your map again, go to the library entrance, and talk to the professors there.
Now go to rain, and head north at the lantern junction to get to the door for your new key.
			Lower Rain map
                    Mug street _______________                           
     __ ENTRANCE _______/                     \                          
        /                                     |                          
       /                               small bell alley                  
      /                                      |                           
     /                                       |                           
     |                                       |                           
     |                                  _ stair street                   
     |                                 /        |     Dog corner _ TAVERN
     |                  __ Cleaver cliff        |        |               
     |                 /                        \________/               
      crate corner __ Stairtop street                                    

Once you're in the door, it's best to go up the top of the stairs route - while this route is slightly longer and a little more difficult, it contains a scroll for 'cleaver', one of the best specials in the game, which really shouldn't be missed. The fights here are prime candidates for use of fire-self. The area-effect attack can be very useful for protection, as can shield+specials, so don't get too hooked on the lunge/dodge tactics. It's really up to the player whether to fork out the 100 gold for firebrand. Firebrand is a nice magic item, far better than the ice wand for general combat, but it's rare you need more than 2 magic items, and you'll be finding a second in the lightning staff soon enough. It certainly makes spires easier, but then spires isn't that hard anyway, so you might want the cash for more arrows or bank it for a chaos potion later.
If you're trying the 'going beyond' challenge with a character other than david, then the firesword is a lot more important, because you'll be fighting an ice dragon without your magic later... Obviously do all the usual talking in the tavern - get the door code from albert, get the cursed doubloon from the captain, and get jug. Now don't walk out of the tavern door - there is an ambush waiting outside. Use the map, and go back to othias' tower.

On to Thaddeus' tower
From othias' tower getting to the bell is simple - south-east exit from the tower (this is different from the south entrance you walked in on), then when you get to the upper crossroad, go left. At the lower crossroad, left again.
Ringing the bell can be a pain on faster computers - the key is that the '3 rings' must be done without letting the hammer get back to the 'rest' position. The hammer is activated when you *release* the mouse button, not when you press it. Make sure to time it perfectly so that the hammer never stops moving throughout the 3 rings.
When 3 rings are done successfully, David will nod his head. However, the 'pause' that albert refers to, on fast computers, is barely a pause at all. Literally let the hammer stay in the 'rest' position for about 1/10th of a second (david probably won't even have started to nod) before releasing it for your 2 rings, and again for 1.
The next scene can be very tricky, there's little hope for doing it without being hurt, but since the werewolf scene is coming up soon, which is a long strictly melee fight, don't think about saving any mana in this room. Use it all up with ice attacks on the approaching thugs. When the ranged thugs arrive, hit them with ice as well, and when you run out of mana switch to a magic weapon and shield, block their projectiles, and shoot back at them. If you run out of power on your magic item, switch to throwing knives and continue the shield-shoot tactic.
Once the room is clear, take the exit at the very bottom-left of the screen. You'll end up finding albert in an alleyway. It's not hard to flawlessly defeat the werewolf without silver, but it's tedious, so I'd advise spending the 50 gold on the silver. For the fight with the werewolf, just use lunge/dodge until your back is against a wall. Then use lunge-wait-lunge-wait etc until the wolf's back is to the wall, then back to lunge/dodge etc until it dies. Specials are a bad idea here - they'll get you into trouble, as the wolf is the only enemy in the game that can dodge, but not block or parry. His dodge has a tendancy to get behind you, where you can't block or dodge his powerful attacks in your back.
After the fight with the wolf your next room is another nasty one. The best trick is to enter the room holding your poison gas potion (dr bazuki gave one to you as a free sample). Throw it at the arch opposite you, close to the left side of the screen. It will kill 2 or 3 waves of the enemies as they enter the screen. Finish any others off with ice cast on yourself. This will get you to the boatman, who will accept the cursed doubloon and take you to thaddeus->spires.

Spires If you take the best route, spires is a relatively easy stage of the game, with one incredibly nasty room at the end, and a dangerous boss after that. Most of the rooms in spires are a fairly straightforward lobster-killing affair, and you should use lots of magic because there are mana orbs scattered all over the place.
When you reach a room with 3 arches, entering from the north (a lobster behind each arch), make sure you go east, not south, once the room is clear. This route is easier, and goes past the infernum extinguish amulet, which you will need later.
Ice1 self can be useful for killing bats, and switching to the battle axe can help greatly, as it has the ability to chop bats out of the air much easier than the swords.

After you get the infernum estinguish amulet, take a look at your health. If it's low (low orange or red) then the rest of spires will be quite dangerous, and it might be advisable to go straight to the fire tree, heading west where you can, and killing the swamp minotaur there for a levellup. Most of the time, though, you're good to go for the rest of spires, so for the walkthrough I'll assume things are still ok here.
When you get to a massive room, you entering from the west, with a chest on the east, run straight to the chest and get the long sword. Kill the lobsters, then try your best to dodge the ranged attacks from the winged helm guards that arrive, and use cleaver to take them out. Reinforcements will soon arrive, and the fight gets incredibly difficult, so if you've not got masses of health I'd advise throwing your chaos potion (that you got first time you met dr bazuki) to save yourself a lot of health here.
After this fight, you go north to see jag and the poison dragon.

Poison Dragon :

Attack: Ranged
Health: average
Special: stomp
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: on his belly
Danger: 7
Most of the time fighting this boss he won't get a single hit in. The reason I rated the danger as a 7 is because if he *does* get a hit in, the poison will usually kill you without healing.
To beat him, run towards him on the left or right sides. When he attacks, immediately run to the opposite side. He will fly over to you, and you can hit him on the belly twice spells (2 casts of ice 1 do far more damage than a single fire 2, and use less mana). He will react by stomping on the floor, so make sure to get away. After the stomp you can go back and get a third hit if you feel up to it, before picking up the orb he dropped, and continuing the sequence.
While you repeat this sequence, the golden rule is to never stand still or change your direction as he is about to fire. If you do either of these, there is a chance he'll hit you, and if he hits you, the poison will likely kill you without healing.
Once he's dead, you'll gain another levellup.

Level 5:

Now you'll be heading to the fire tree to use your new estinguishing amulet. After putting out the flames you'll get to the swamp.
It's very important here that you don't head west when you get to the swamp - head east instead. West leads to a very easy boss, and you'll want to save that levellup for later - glass' palace can be difficult without it...

Swamp The swamp is populated by strange demonic creatures. The blue ones are straightforward enemies. The purple ones can perform the 'reaper' special, so watch out for that. Fighting in the swamp involves a pretty straightforward approach, though since you have the longsword you will be able to do slash/dodge instead of the usual lunge/dodge. Slash/dodge is good when more than 1 opponent is advancing you you. Simple as these fights will be, pay particular attention to your use of magic - you'll want to get your ice magic on level 2 as quickly as possible, and there are no fights which you'll really need your magic for here, so don't save any mana and throw out spells whenever you can to practice that magic!

Monastery After clearing the swamp you'll meet cagen, and venture on to the mad monastery. Up here, lunge/dodge and slash/dodge carries you through most of the fights. After a couple of screens, you get a chance to go inside the monastery or to go right, go right and search the chest before going inside.
On the first room of the monastery, there are 6 monks practicing kata, with a fat monk behind them. a single burning oil or poison gas potion can kill the lot, so use it if you have it. If you don't have an attack potion, use ice 2 self.
Next room, 4 monks drop down on your team to fight. Again a perfect opportunity for Ice 2 self.
At the bottom of the monastery, you'll meet a meditating monk. Take a quick detour via the map, to the library entrance, for a chat. Then back to the monastery and talk to the monk, where he'll give you an ethereal potion. 1 Cutscene later and you have ruben's key.

Ruben's house Head to David's house, get to the area behind it, but this time venture east to get to Ruben's house. You'll meet chiarro, and find the lightning orb upstairs. Lightning magic has some nice spells at both level 1 and 2, and since most of the enemies in winter are immune to your incredible ice magic, you'll be relying on it soon.
Use the map to go to the ice caves in winter, but immediattely leave the caves and climb up the stairs towards the top of winter.
In the massive screen that follows, there are two ways to go - one in the top-left of the screen, which is good if you like to fight guards. One on the right, which is good if you like to fight Yetis. Since yeti's die to a single fire 1 spell, I'd advise going the cave route.
After you get to the entrance to glass' palace, head back to the fire tree, go to the swamp, but this time head west. Make sure to use Ice 2 on the monsters here to level your lightning magic. After chasing a crazy money bag for a while you'll end up reaching the next boss:

Swamp Minotaur :

Attack: Melee
Health: average
Special: Fire Rain, tail swing
Block: Yes
Parry: No
Vulnerability: None
Danger: 3
An easy one. Simply use lunge/dodge until he makes an angry noise, at which point run away. Repeat until he's dead. Add strength potions and specials for flair, if you so desire. :)
After he dies, you'll get the key to glass' palace, and a lightning staff. The staff is the best magical weapon, but still it's attack pales in comparison with lightning 1 - the shield and melee swinging you get with the staff is nowhere near as good as the rotating orbs lightning 1 self gives you, and the damage on the projectile attacks are about the same.

Level 6:

Glass's palace :
If you waited for your swamp monster levellup until right before it was time to go through the door of glass's palace, this area shouldn't be too hard, but it can still be tricky. If you got your levellup early, then this might well be the end of your little quest. Conquering glass's palace requires great crowd management skills, and at this point in the game your best tools to that end are specials, lightning magic, ranged+shield fighting (magic weapons, knives, or throwing axes) or potions.
I'd suggest buying 3 fire potions from dr bazuki before you enter the palace.

I provided a map for the palace, here:

					Glass's palace
           THRONE  ___ 2nd pit     locked                   
            ROOM             \      door                     
                             |       |                       
                             \___ Ice pit __                 
        _______                               room   \_ Corner
       /       \                            _/           room 
       |       entry                       /               |  
   ENTRANCE     hall____                Pot                |  
       |                \               Room               |  
                        |                 \                |  
                       Ice                |        ________/  
                     _ Hall __ Windowed __/       /           
                    /          coridoor        hallway        

The safest route to traverse the palace is probably taking a left at the ice hall, and moving through the hallway, and corner room. This is because the windowed coridoor and pot room both contain nasty ranged opponents.
Many rooms in glass's palace involve multiple types of melee opponents, some with special attacks, combined with ranged enemies. Specials are a good way of taking out ranged opponents, but much of the time there are more than 1, and if that's the case try to use potions, or lightning 1.
The key to using lightning 1 is casting it on yourself before you start throwing out the electricity bolts. Casting it on yourself makes a set of orbs spin around you, which will damage and stun anyone who comes near. With this, you can outrun opponents. By running away from the melee opponents, and throwing a bolt at their archers whenever you get a chance, you can kill the archers at range without losing much health to the melee guards.
Potions are just about the safest way of taking out ranged opponents, though. Enter the room, throw a potion at the archers, then get to fighting, confident that the archers will die. The rooms I'd advise this for are the ice pit, and the 2nd pit. In both of these rooms you'll want to throw a fire potion in between the ranged enemies (the grey ones). If you have potions to spare, another can be thrown in the D pillar room, and if you decide to take the dangerous route through the windowed coridoor, you'll want to use another there.

Upon entering the throne room a fight will begin with draco. Beating him without being hit is easy once you get used to it, but until you do it can be a very challenging fight.

Draco (Ice dragon) :

Attack: Ranged
Health: average
Special: Ice spray, Icicle storm
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: During his chargeup for his big ice bolt.
Danger: 6
Beating draco is a more complicated pattern to master than most. The main thing to be aware of is that by running horizontally across the screen you can dodge his icicle rain. The horizontal sprint is the safest method to dodge it, far safer than trying to hide behind jug's frozen body, running in any other direction, or even drinking potions for invulnerability.
- At the start of the fight, run behind jug and let 3 ice bolts harmlessly hit jug's body.
- Draco will now spray ice needles around the screen. When he's nearly finished spraying, pop out to the right and throw a fire 2 at him, before running back behind jug as the spray moves up the screen towards you. - Your fire 2 bolt will have made draco drop a mana orb.
- Draco will now fly up in the air and fire 3 more bolts at you. Let the first 2 hit jug, then tell david to pick up the mana orb, and the third frost bolt will miss you as you run.
- When the third bolt misses (usually before david has reached the orb) fire off another Fire 2. THEN pick up the orb.
- Draco will fly into the air again, but this time he's about to unleash the deadly icicle storm. Run to the far left of the screen. When draco's feet start moving upwards ready for his stomp of the floor, start running to the right. His icicles will miss you.
- Run back behind jug, and start again.

Also note that if you're doing the 'going beyond' challenge that involves a character other than david, this fight poses a further problem - since it can only be played with david, you'll be forced to use david on 0 health. A character on zero health will die if they cast a spell, so you'll have to beat draco with a magic weapon, namely firebrand.

Level 7:

Chest hunting :
After defeating draco, the north-west exit leads to an orb and a barracks key. The south-east exit leads to a room with 2 crates (one of which is a mimic). The southern exit leads back where you came from.
After getting the orb, key, and contents of the chests, leave to the south of the throne room, and use your jeweled key in the first pit room (northern door). You'll come to a room with 2 chests, once of which contains the amulet of seeing. Upon collecting it, immediately use it to get your first hidden chest. Now we'll be going on a crate collecting mission:
- 1. map -> Glass's palace.
Upon entering the palace, use the ice key on the first door and get the summon golem scroll.
- 2. map -> ice caves.
After entering the ice caves go south. In the open room with an exit to the northeast and northwest, use the amulet of seeing to get a hidden chest
- 3. map -> othias's tower
Exit the tower area to the south (NOT South-east). When you come to hide street use the amulet for a crate.
Now keep heading away from the tower until you get to the top crossroads. Leave to the west, and you'll be at the bottom crossroads, where you can go south to the dead end for another hidden crate.
- 4. map -> spires airlock
head west, then south, and in the room with 3 arches (you enter from the north) use the amulet for another chest.
- 5. map -> Gno Observatory
use the amulet immediately for another chest
- 6. map -> Gno Caves
Venture down to the room where you first met dr. Bazuki. Head into the back room, and use the amulet for a hudden chest.
- 7. map -> Monastery
When you're outside the monastery door, instead of entering the monastery, head east for another hidden chest.
Now enter the monastery and use the amulet in the first indoor room for another.
- 8. map -> barracks
After you appear in the barracks, stock up on arrows, then head east and use the amulet in that area.
Having collected a veritable arsenal of potions and bombs, you should proceed to the rebel camp and talk to fat bob.
After chatting with bob, go to the rain tavern and talk to the barman. You'll descend into the sewers.

Sewers :
This area can be tricky. Make a point to use bombs where you need to. Rooms of note are:
- At the first room that allows you to go two ways (a room with a load of makeshift platforms in the background that you can climb around) go up the platforms and into the northern leading door, which is just a little to the right of where you came in. This means you'll be ignoring the door to the far east.
- In the room with a bridge, where you enter from the west, use the amulet for a hidden chest.
- In the room with a mana orb sitting in an alcove pretty much in the centre, do *not* collect the mana orb. It's a trap, you'll be ambushed. Pass it by and you can get through the room without fighting.
- In the room where you descend spiral stairs at the north, and there are exits to both sides, and 2 plaguerat archers waiting in ambush, use a chaos potion. You *really* want to use a chaos potion here, because the combination of archers and a very long stream of appearing rats and spiders mean you *will* take significant damage if you don't eliminate the archers quickly and safely.
After clearing this room, head west and use the little red winder you found, then go back to this room and head east.
- In the room where a few humans are getting killed by rats as you enter, where there is a pit and you start on the right, use your bombs to kill the rats as they run at you, then use fire potions on the pit so that any rats running up it will die.
After clearing this room and descending the ramp down to the pit you'll come up against another easy magic-immune melee boss, similar to the one in the swamp:

  Plague Rat Lord :

 Attack: Melee
 Health: average
 Special: Acid Rain, tail swing
 Block: Yes
 Parry: No
 Vulnerability: None
 Danger: 5

Another easy one. Simply use lunge/dodge until he makes an angry noise, at which point run away. Repeat until he's dead. Same as the swamp minotaur, above.
The big difference between that swamp minotaur and the plague rat lord is that, if you do a lot of damage in a short space of time, the plague rat lord will do an acid rain attack without charging up first. Be very cautious of this, try not to do *too* much damage in a short space of time, stay off the specials, and be ready to dodge if he does it.

Level 8:

The prison barracks and chains :

After killing the rat lord *DO NOT* enter the door he came out of. Instead, use the map and go to thaddeus's tower. Search the crate, pick up the fire bow, then arm Ice 2 magic ready for the next room.

Leave thaddeus's tower to the south-east. This next room can be evil because of the pesky archers, which is why we're entering it from thaddeus's tower screen. As soon as you enter the room run up to the floor below the two archers, and cast Ice 2 to kill them both. The room will now be a simple melee battle, which you should be able to do without a hitch.
Now leave to the north-east. The next screen is marked 'prison barracks' on your map. After killing the enemies there, go to the map to travel to the barracks and stock up on fire arrows (get 100).
Now use the map, go back to 'prison barracks', and continue onwards.

You should be able to carefully fight your way to the battle against kahn, who can be easily killed with a chaos potion.

Keep going until you get to an area you enter from the south-east, with a big door close to you, and stairs leading to the north-west. Ascend the stairs, and kill the little green guy at the top to take the best magic item (probably the best thing you can pick up) in the whole game - the ring of invisibility.
From now until the end of the game you will be using this ring on just about every screen in order to assassinate dangerous opponents safely. General ring use should be to turn it on upon entering a fight, arm Ice 2, run to any ranged attackers and freeze them with ice 2 self, then chop them to bits with a sword and sometimes a special.
If you have invisibility left, go back to ice 2, freeze a big gang of melee opponents, then turn the ring off, arm your sword, and slash them to bits.
It'll almost feel too easy at this stage - rest assured, the game difficulty quickly ramps up to keep this ring from making things easy.

Now you go through the door at the bottom of the stairs, to enter chains. Chains can be a difficult area, but it's not too bad as long as you remember to use everything at your disposal - the scroll of golem, the falcon special, the ring of invisibility, Ice 2 freezing, and poison/fire potions.
After talking to an old man and fighting a key-guarding dinosaur monster, you'll come to a room where lots of invisibility and fire bow mastery is needed to beat enemy archers. As suggested, invisibility is they key for beating this gauntlet. After this you'll go through doors into a room with lots of (5)exits, you entering from the north, 2 flights of stairs to either side leading to exits in the north-wast and north-east, a door under the stairs on the east, and a door at the very far north-east-east leading on with the game. If you're playing the difficulty challenge, you'll want to enter the door under the staircase for chesty goodness (use the amulet to find a hidden chest here), but then when you come back to this room head straight to the east to continue, ignoring the other exits - they mainly contain food, a little gold (which you have more than enough of), and other consumables of little value.

You will now pass the duke, flush a toilet to open a downward staircase, and fight through a few screens of bad guys.
Your next junction shows up when you get to a room where you enter via the north-east, and 3 dinosaur-monsters are on a platform a few feet lower than yours, connected by stairs, a small door is to the north, and stairs lead down to an exit to the south-east, you'll want to use the small door to stock up on potions, before going to the south-east door and continuing to fuge, one of the game's hardest bosses:

Fuge :

Attack: Melee+ranged(lightning)
Health: High
Special: Cleaver, Reaper, Berserker
Block: No
Parry: Yes
Vulnerability: None
Danger: 7
The key to beating fuge is invisibility, spray magic, and invulnerability potions.
- As soon as the fight starts use the ring of invisibility. Then run close to fuge and start spraying him with Ice 2 until you run out of mana - he'll try to dodge spells, but with Ice 2 he'll fail to dodge most of it - they closer you get the less he'll dodge.
- Now hit him with each of your specials.
- When the invisibility runs out, drink a mana potion, immediattely drink an absolute protection potion, then hit him with Ice 2..
- Fight Fuge in melee, drinking absolute protection potions regularly, until he dies.
The reason for the disgusting amounts of invulnerability is Fuge's berserker special. If he decides to do this and you're within range, you'll be dead before you can dodge. Trying to block won't help either - a shield will be immediattely destroyed and you'll still die.

If you're fighting under the 'going beyond' challenge rules, using a character other than david, then you'll be doing this fight using 0-health david, meaning no spells. For this, it's not always a good idea to risk invisibility, and often best to go straight for absolute protection, using the ring of invisibility in order to change from one absolute protection to the next.

Level 9:


Killing fuge gets you the devastating dual swords and another key. Now you can venture a little further to find theo and show him the teddy you got from Edith. This will allow you to get the ring of spell immunity later.
After saving theo, backtrack to the room that the duke was being kept in, and free him.

A cutscene later, and you'll be wanting a mission to deadgate. Go to the barracks to fill up on fire arrows, then head to the oracle and buy chaos potions until you have 8, plus absolute protection potions - try to stock right up to 8, but make sure you save 300 gold for the ship voyage. Now go to the library and get the next summon golem scroll, plus the whirlwind special.

Head to the harbour to continue your quest, talk to the captain to go to deadgate, the land of the dead.

Deadgate is an easy stage if you stick to the ring of invisibility and Ice 2. Without any potions you should be able to do it on green or yellow health. Just watch out for the deadly collateral damage from the skeleton bombers. Note that there's an absolute protection potion up for grabs in one of the areas here, and there's a hidden chest in the room with two arched teleportation portals.

After deadgate, you'll get a scroll of revelation and another key. The big catch is - there's no boss. You'd better have done well in deadgate, because the next area is absolute murder.

You can use your new key to get the amulet of lycanthropy from the spires airlock if you're not doing the healing challenge.... If you are doing the challenge, just ignore it.

Head to the area behind the rebel camp and you'll eventually, automatically, get to the dig area. I've provided a map for this area:

The dig:
                                 three      Outdoor               
                                  tier  ___ stairs  ____   
                            ___ skirmish     area       \_  Boss
                           /         |            \          Area
   single              Appearing     |             \         
     eye  _____ Angel   chests       |              \_ Lighthouse        
    grove     fountain   
|          |                     | 
|       |          |                     | 
                  \_______/          |                    Time orb
                                     \                     area
                                      bad chest              |
                                     /        _______________/

The dig is a hard area that you'll have to tackle now. First though, talk to the rebel with the black cap, the one that originally taught you the web of death, in the rebel camp. He'll give you the devastating berserker special. Then head north-west to the dig.

The main thing to bear in mind in the dig  is that, while cyclops are incredibly easy to kill, the dryad soldiers and swordsmen will keep you very busy while the ranged opponents strip your health in seconds.
Each fight should be started with invisibility. Make archers your priority targets. After killing all the archers, use the amulet of spell immunity to help ignore the casters, then go and hit the melee enemies with Ice 2. The problem with this tactic is that the enemies keep appearing for wave after wave. In between waves it's sometimes possible to leave a screen if you're standing close enough to an exit as the last enemy dies, but if you don't get a chance to leave like this, you'll probably run out of invisibility before long. When you do, immediattely use a chaos or absolute protection potion.
Some areas, such as the three tier skirmish and the outdoor stairs area, should just be cleared completely using chaos potions for every single wave. You'll probably run out of chaos potions, but it's well worth it for the health saved, and you can always buy more.

After you get the time orb you'll be heading off to fight the illusion wizard....

Dryad illusion weaver (dig site) :

Attack: Summons.
Health: average
Special: Teleports
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: Freezing/berserker
Danger: 1
This fight can be frustrating, because the boss will dissapear whenever you try to get close to him. He even dissapears if you throw a spell at him.
However, it can be the easiest and quickest boss fight in the game: - Use the ring of invisibility, run up to him, and cast Ice 2 on yourself.
- Use the 'berserker' special.
That's it, fight immediately over.
To explain - since you are invisibile, he doesn't teleport away when you approach. Since Ice 2 is a self-cast spell, he doesn't teleport away when you cast it. Ice 2 freezes him, stopping him from moving even if he get's hurt. Berserker then hits him a crazy number of times, killing him.

After this easy task is done, you'll finally get the levellup you've been craving....

Level 10:

altro :

With your new key you can go to deadgate and reach altro, giger-land. Before going there you might want to visit the sewers and collect apocalypse - the games final special. Make sure to cast plenty of ice 2 while you're there, to level your new time orb up.

The beholders in altro are invisible, and can be pretty nasty, but don't worry too much - The most effective way I'd found of dealing with them is to cast time 3 on them, then kill them with the fire bow. Freezing them with Ice 2 can be effective too, but it can be hard to get the hit. When the first purple beholder appears, use the apocalypse special to kill it instantly. The second purple beholder is easily killed with the fire bow - it will phase out to dodge many of the shots, but as long as you keep a stream coming, it can't dodge them all.
After killing 4 red and 2 purple beholders in total, you will get to the end of altro, and it's boss...

Lady of light :
Attack: Melee + ranged (light)
Health: Very High
Special: Teleports
Block: Yes
Parry: No
Vulnerability: -
Danger: 2
I would have rated the danger level much higher were it not for the fact that the player had a full-heal from beating the illusion weaver only about 6 opponent's before... In fact, the lady of light is a lot like fuge in that her combat style has no real weakness outside of absolute protection potions. However, her stage, altro, is just too short - you're rather refreshed when you face her!
As it stands, since you have so much health, the best way to approach this fight is to drink a strength potion, cast time 3 on yourself, then run up to the lady of light and click like mad with dual knightly swords, thrwing out specials as quickly as you can switch them (particularly falcon, scythe and cleaver, since they advance lots. If she ever get's herself into a corner, cast berserker. Otherwise, just whack away at turbo speed until she dies.

Your reward - yet another levelup, and the light orb.

Level 11:

exploration :
After getting light magic, use the map to go to the sewers, and locate the green key gate you passed earlier. Use your green key on it to uncover a chest with the armageddon special. Now head to the rebel camp to start your final mission.

metallon forge area :

After reaching the rebel camp glass will give you a glaive, and you will enter metallon. Fighting in metallon involves the usual late-game tricks - ice 2, invisibility etc. Your new tricks are the armageddon special (a screen-killing smartbomb), light self (a screen-hurting smartbomb), poison 3 (you have enough mana for it now), Ice 3 self (stupidly high damage area spell) and time 3.
Armageddon and light self are useful in large rooms with lots of enemies. Ice 3 self and opison 3 (provided you double-cast it) are good if you have full mana and want to quickly clear a room.
If you manage to freeze 3 or more enemies, you'll want to quickly switch to time 3 and cast it on yourself to allow you to kill them before they thaw. If you're up against any opponent that can't parry (only the armoured black and armoured purple knights can parry), and want to make short work of him without him escaping, cast time 3 on him, then get in and stab him up.

After a little fighting you'll come to an area with a hidden chest - your party arrives from the south, facing a vista of blue structure and a staircase to the right, while some dialogue is played. The hidden chest on this screen contains the diamond shield - a shield far, far stronger than any other.

Continue the linear exploration and, after releasing a gush of blood with a prism, you'll come to a fight with a massive bull-like robot:

Giant metal bull robot :
Attack: Melee + ranged (lightning)
Health: High
Special: Charge
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: After he charges into a wall
Danger: 3
Best solution - Get ready with time magic and berserker. Dodge his lightning bolts. When he starts kicking his feet ready to charge, cast time 3 on yourself. Dodge his charge, run up behind him, then hit him with berserker while he's vulnerable. This will kill him isntantly.
If your berserker misses (easy to happen) simply back away, start dodging his lightning bolts again, and do the same with falcon, whirlwind, or cleaver next time he charges. He'll be dead before you get a chance to use all 4 of them.
Speaking of which, I'm positive I've killed him with a single falcon special, and I'm suspicious that time 3 might increase the amount of hits falcon inflicts.

Level 12:

Metallon - silver's palace :

After killing the bull robot you'll be entering silver's own palace. Here you'll start meeting wizards instead of archers, and they can be very irritating opponents. However, with a mix of invisibility and time 3 cast, the area is actually very, very easy. The big danger to look out for is the purple knights using the berserker special, which will cut your health down quickly, ten continue to hurt you with the bolts it launches out.

Furthermore, you have plenty of chaos and absolute protection potions, which will get you through this area with absolute ease, and on to the fight against silver:


Attack: Melee
Health: Extremely high
Special: -
Block: No
Parry: No
Vulnerability: -
Danger: 2
Another easy fight, if you know what you're doing. Simply get a special ready (your weakest special besides web of death), then hit the disco ball at the top of the scren with the appropriate magic spell (level 3 is best).
When the robot appears, use your special on it, pick up the mana orbs it leaves behind, change to your weakest special again, and repeat. Eventually you will probably run out of specials. If this happens, just use invisibility, or absolute protection, and kill the robot with stabby swords. Hell, it's easy enough even if you don't use invisibility, but it takes longer, and it's not like there's any point saving anything for later!

Level: Nemesis :


Attack: ???
Health: ???
Special: ???
Block: ???
Parry: ???
Vulnerability: ???
Danger: ???
I'd be loathe to spoil the last fight, and there's little reason to mention it. It's designed to be completed without healing, so after doing the whole game without healing, this fight feels like an absolute walk in the park. For a decent challenge, try to do it without being hit at all! (Tip - run in tight circles around the volcanoes, rather than running away from them)